Our HEV / High Environmental Value Certification

For more than 2 years now, Château Petit Val has been certified High Environmental Value at level 3, the level of excellence for this label. This voluntary approach guarantees the preservation of the natural ecosystem and the reduction of pressure on the environment. Within our property, this certification is available through several themes.

  • The installation of beehives near our vines activates the pollination of the surrounding flowers and contributes to a varied biodiversity within the ecosystem. Something to delight our bees for the development of " Miel du Val ".
  • The preservation of biodiversity is favored by the planting of fruit trees and country hedges ~ hazelnuts, currants, wild strawberries, blackberries ~ around our plots. An approach in favor of the surrounding fauna and flora.
  • The phytosanitary strategy is a theme addressed in our HVE approach. By limiting our inputs and opting for sustainable agriculture, we guarantee healthy products for consumers. A final product free of any health risk.
  • Sexual confusion in our vines consists of depositing synthetic pheromone diffusers in the plots intended to disrupt the sexual activity of insects. This method counters the use of pesticides.