Engaged in an environmental approach for several years, Château Petit Val is now certified High Environmental Value 3.

A certification which comes to crown the steps and protective practices of the environment undertaken by the team of Château Petit Val. The latter, under the aegis of its owners, is constantly taking new initiatives in favor of the surrounding fauna and flora:

- Planting of fruit and country trees, planting of 160 truffle trees and hedges around the plots to promote biodiversity

- Plantation of lavender and rosemary, enough to delight the bees of the estate for their production of Miel Petit Val

- Installation of birdhouse

 Our manager David Liorit is a Quality Manager and works on a daily basis according to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) approach, in other words the analysis of hazards and critical points with a view to controlling them.

The aim is to avoid dangers and provide healthy products to consumers, guaranteeing a final product free of any health risk.

Nature flourishes at Château Petit Val